Tea is obtained from the branches or buds of the tea tree. This a drink that becomes of China and its consumption comes from a legend that is already three thousand years old. Emperor Chen Nung who boiled water, saw a leaf fall from a tree into the container, and so the first brew was born ... This drink is very attached to Buddhism, it is also the Chan monks which gave the name cha (tea in Chinese) to this drink which allowed thanks to the contained caffeine and theanine to remain awake.

The spread of tea production spread from China to other countries, and depending on the climate we have different types of tea. The main producers are China, India, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Japan, Kenya, ... And the main types, green teas, blacks, whites, yellows to name a few, they can be plain or flavored like jasmine, bergamot, saffron, orange blossoms ... It can be consumed naturally or with sugar or milk or lemon, there is something for all tastes!

Some tea names are famous as Darjeeling, Ceylon, Gunpowder or Chai ... 

Black tea was born by chance, it oxidized during its transport by boat and having pleased the British, it became the most consumed tea.

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